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It seemed to quell many of the tensions between these two countries but peace, it seems, was not meant to last....

[tags: american history, persian gulf] - When most Americans remember the Gulf War, it is often thought of as a quick, concise, yet the intense military campaign that resulted in an easy victory.

They investigate areas exposed to chemical attacks, such as the Gulf War Syndrome, also known as the Gulf War Illness (GWI) (Smylie, Page 1)....

[tags: a very serious mystery illness] - It’s the heat of the Gulf War: January 17, 1991, Congress has just given permission to the president, George Bush Senior, to wage war on Iraq.

[tags: Contributions, United States, Military] - ...

In addition to Hussein’s speech, the Iraqi troops had already started to gather along the border of Kuwait, ready to invade.

President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was alarmed by this, and started negotiations between the two parts to try to avoid nasty things to happen, and to keep the US from getting involved, but after only two hours, he had to give up, and on August 2 1990, he ordered the invasion of Kuwait.

Organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) create a set of rules for international countries to follow for the development, production, selling, and usage of chemical weapons.

The WHO created a manual that helps prepare countries for terrorist attacks with chemical warfare.


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